Camping “Melnsils” is a place to enjoy peace and silence by the sea and nature.
Every accommodation created in camping Melnsils is inspired by historical events and the stories of the ancient sea nation
Oskars, Zenta, the Ship... romance under the stars. You can get a unique experience by staying in one of the unusual Melnsils cottages, who have special names – Oskars, Zenta and Ship Vilhelms. All cottages have one thing in common – you will hear the beautiful sea and forest sound.
Log sauna

Log sauna is around 100 years old restored house at the seashore with a small room for two on the second floor. Perfect to enjoy relaxing sleep with the sounds of sea.

Tent place

Tent places are located in the meadow next to a forest and by the sea, starting from the forest and stretching through the whole campsite. Toilet and cold summer shower are located in the camping territory and available 24 hours a day. Hot shower is available from 9 am to 9 pm.

Trailer place

Camping Melnsils is part of Slitere national park, which gives the place not only special aura but also some rules.