“Melnsils” terms and conditions

“Melnsils” is a part of Slitere nature reserve, that is why in attitude towards the environment the most environmentally friendly norms are observed. While guest is in the “Melnsils” territory, guest agrees with “Melnsils” rules, terms and conditions and undertakes to comply with them.
  • To use recreation complex “Melnsils” services guest must present an identity document: Passport or ID card and need to make the relevant payment to an administrative employee, according to the specified pricing, by also indicating vehicle brand and number plate;
  • A stay in a recreation complex is intended only for its clients for a corresponding fee;
  • It is prohibited to bring weapons, narcotics and psychotropic substances, flammable substances into the recreation complex;
  • The guests of the recreation complex undertake to observe the generally accepted norms of behavior;
  • The administration of the recreation complex does not take material responsibility for the personal belongings of the guests;
  • While staying in the territory of the recreation complex, the guest undertakes to observe the peace of the night after 23:00;
  • Guests of the leisure complex are allowed to play music quietly so as not to disturb other guests. It is not allowed to listen to music after 23:00;
  • “Melnsils” daily billing hour is at 12:00. If the guest stays in the recreation complex after 12:00 (in agreement with the administration staff), the tenant must pay a daily fee ½ of accommodation rent (camper and tent site rental). If the guest stays in “Melnsils” after 16:00, he must pay for a full day;
  • The exact camper and tent sites are provided only by an employee of the campsite administration. Placing tents and campers arbitrary are prohibited;
  • It is forbidden to make a bonfire or a barbeque in an unintended place, as well as without the permission of the recreation complex administrator;
  • It is forbidden to burn candles in accommodations, it is only allowed in places, where candlesticks are provided – by agreeing with the administration staff;
  • Guests of the leisure complex are obliged to look after their children in a safe manner by the water;
  • While staying in all recreation complex “Melnsils” territory, as well as on the dunes and on the beach:
    • It is forbidden to enter with a motor vehicle (Car, motorcycle, etc.);
    • Pedestrians go to the beach only on specially designed roads and paths;
    • Cars are parked only in the designated parking lots;
    • Collection of plants, breaking of branches, wood chopping, collection of fallen or rotten trees as well as other damage to vegetation and ground cover is strictly prohibited;
    • Waste is disposed only in specially designed waste bins.
  • Smoking restrictions are set throughout the area, beach, children’s playground’s, public catering establishments. Smoking is allowed only in specially designated areas;
  • Minors are prohibited from being in public and entertainment places without the presence of adults from 22:00 to 07:00;
  • Vehicles must only be parked in the specially designated parking places;
  • The guest has the right to inform the administration of the resort about the proposals, observed economic disturbances as well as any deficiency in the recreation complex;
  • Guests are obliged to protect the material base of the recreation complex. The person guilty of material damage is fully liable;
  • While staying in “Melnsils”, guests must respect the culture of mutual relations between themselves and other guests;
  • “Melnsils” employees are entitled to enter the room without the presence of the tenant of the house, to prevent an emergency situation or damage;
  • Dogs and pets are allowed in the recreation complex “Melnsils”, with a precondition that all waste of the pet are collected, it does not sleep in the bed of the accommodation, does not run around unattended in the territory and does not disturb other guests of “Melnsils”. It is advisable to walk the dog only with a leash;
  • For disturbing the peace, showing disrespect and shameless conduct, the person shall be held liable;
  • For noisiness or noise allowance, if it disturbs the peace of the surrounding guests, the person shall be held accountable;
  • Recreation complex “Melnsils” employees have the rights to expel guest from recreation complex if they do not comply with these rules, by refusing to the right to a refund for services;
  • Camping guests are bound by the binding regulations of Roja region “Public order rules in Roja region” and the rule “Latvian Code of Administrative Violations”.

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