Guest house

Sea house

You really don't have to think about nothing in here except relaxation - everything is provided for maximum comfort in nature. Spacious terrace, to enjoy the sea view with a warm cup of tea in hands and a balcony on which you can fall asleep while watching the stars.

Holiday House

Celebration or common relaxation – holiday house is excellent for companies up to 20 people. Create shared memories of a beautiful time together by the sea, while relaxing in Melnsils

Bath house

Bath house is perfectly suited, to supplement calm rest in nature with relaxation in the sauna together with friends or with the family. Privacy and maximum relaxation in nature.

Love boudoir

Spend the long-awaited holidays here in an intimate atmosphere, enjoying nature, walking along the sea and enjoying being together.

Guest house rooms

If you are an admirer of city comfort, guest house rooms will be particularly suitable to enjoy maximum relaxation close to nature.

It is great with us in Melnsils!

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