Melnsils. Nation of the sea.

Melnsils. Nation of the sea.

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Romantic houses in an original design solution right by the seashore or surrounded by Slītere national park forests. Choose which of the cabins are more suitable for your recreation! In “Melnsils” area there are also available tent and camper places, bunker’s and a hundred years old bath house. There are also opportunities for active leisure – SUP boards, kayak boats, fishing boat, bicycles and table tennis are available to every “Melnsils” visitor. Even a walk in the woods can turn into a passionate activity of picking berries and mushrooms.

Guest house

Inspired by historical events and well-equipped rooms with all amenities for an absolute relaxation in nature. Peace, sea and calmness are especially respected in this place, but you can also go here if you want to celebrate an important life event in beautiful surroundings or enjoy a peaceful holiday with your loved one or with family and friends.


Enjoy the excellent dishes prepared by our chef. Delicious local meal, refreshing air from the sea, sunrise with a loved one or family - what could be better than this? Melnsils Pub is open all year round and allows holidaymakers to have a delicious meal. Melnsils Pub is open all year round and allows holidaymakers to have a delicious meal.

For corporate

Melnsils is not only a place where to enjoy peace and calmness by the sea, but also to celebrate life. The area of Melnsils is suitable for small and large celebrations, collective cohesion and corporate events for up to 100 people. People who are passionate about active lifestyles can take a part in activities which are available in Melnsils and territory around. Fish smoking master class, bathhouse services are just some of the activities that you can enjoy in Melnsils. Overnight by the seashore can also tend to cause extreme feelings. Water, sun, wind, forest and sand does not obey our wishes, so dress and prepare yourself according to the weather.


We look forward to your visit in Melnsils!

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