Nation of the sea.

Camping “Melnsils” is a place to enjoy serenity and silence by the Baltic Sea closer to nature. Every room of Melnsils is inspired by historical events and stories of the ancient sea nation. The cottages are located on the very shore with a panoramic view of the sea and the landscape of Slītere forest.

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Romantic houses in an original design right by the seashore or surrounded by Slītere national park forests. Choose which one is more suitable for your holiday! Tent and camper places, bunker’s and a hundred years old bath house is also available at camping Melnsils. It is a place to enjoy active leisure opportunities – SUP boards, kayak boats, fishing boat, bicycles and table tennis are available to every camping Melnsils. Even a walk in the woods can turn into an activity of picking berries and mushrooms.

Guest house

Modern and well-equiped rooms inspired by historical events will be an absolute best place for relaxation by the nature. Peace, sea and calmness are especially respected here. Perfect place to enjoy peaceful holiday with your loved one or with family and friends.


Enjoy delicious meals prepared by our chef. Tasty dishes, refreshing air of the sea, sunset with a loved one or family.
In the summer season (May to October), the Melnsils pub is open daily from 9 am to 11 pm.


It will not get boring here for summer lovers, city dwellers and all other vacationers, because here is everything for an active rest outside the city. Bicycles, Nordic walking or an opportunity to go on an adventure with boats and kayaks along the sea and the Melnsils river. However, for those who enjoy peaceful vacation in nature it is possible to absorb strong natural energy from the sea and the sun, while going for meditative walks along Slītere walking trails and strengthening the immunity in the sauna. In autumn, the forests of Kurzeme are filled with natures gifts – mushrooms and berries.
Book activities in “Melnsils” in advance: call +371 28605606 or e-mail

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Spending the night by the sea tends to bring an amazing range of emotions. The nature has it’s own rules and is not always peaceful - water, sun, wind and sand do as they wish that’s why it’s important to dress according to the weather.
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