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Exotic animal park in Dundaga
Park is located in the centre of town Dundaga. It’s perfect for families with children, students, and all other interested.
Wool factory in Pāce
The only place in Kurzeme region where they still process wool Pāce is the only place in Kurzeme region where
The Dundaga castle
Dundaga castle is the largest in Northern Kurzeme region. Built in 13th century it has survived to this day without
Outdoor rope trail in Roja
Perfect activity for children and adults A 3 level rope trail in Roja is place to physically recharge yourself! It
Cape Kolka
This is the place to see the real power of the sea Cape Kolka is the most pronounced cape on
Horn museum “Purvziedi” in Vaide
Go towards the Kolka to see a unique museum collection Eeveryone has a passion for something and ranger Edgars Hausmanis
Roja fishing museaum
Visit nearby town Roja and get to know it’s interesting history The museum exhibition tells the story of fishermen life
Natural monument “Kaltenes Kalvas”
Walk the different routes and learn more about this unique formation of nature in nearby town Kaltene “Kaltenes Kalvas” is
White dune
An archaeological monument of national significance worth to see. Approximately 20 metres high and 6,000 years old Pūrciems White dune
Ēvaži steep bank
Highest steep bank on the entire coastline of the Gulf of Riga! Ēvaži Steep bank is the highest steep on
Slītere national park
Enjoy silence, piece and wonderful views! Slītere national park is a fascinating natures formation, which formed from the Baltic ice
Trommels castle mound
Ancient stories tell that in the 14th century on the very shore of the sea in Melnsils, lived the only