What kind of data is processed

Client – natural person data – name, surname, number of the identity document, telephone number, e-mail addresses, (further see – Data).

LTD „Melnsilkrasts” responsibilitiesas a data controller

When LTD “Melnsilkasts” (Camping Melnsils) processes you personal Data, they are Data procesors and are responsible for the personal Data to be processed according to the law, transparent and secure, in accordance with applicable Data Protection Law.

Data processing

The Data are registered in service contracts, in reservation program. Only LTD “Melnsilkasts” employees have access to the program and access is protected by a secure password.

To realize the legitimate interests of the company, respecting the fundamental rights and freedoms of the Data subject, Data may be transferred to third parties for the recovery of debts.

If the Data is processed for other purposes, natural person will be required in advance – with Data subject’s consent to data processing. Collected personal data will not be transferred outside the European Union.

Purposes of processing

LTD “Melnsilkasts” (Camping Melnsils) collects person’s Data to process bookings, maintain customer database and marketing purposes (“Aim”). Aim may include data insertion in LTD “Melnsilkasts” (Camping Melnsils), and other third-party web resources, which are owned by LTD “Melnsilkasts” (Camping Melnsils) and in publication of marketing materials. The personal data we collect will be used only by LTD “Melnsilkasts” (Camping Melnsils).

Retention of personal data

To achieve the aim, in witch LTD “Melnsilkasts” (Camping Melnsils) process your personal Data, LTD “Melnsilkasts” (Camping Melnsils) will store personal data for a period of time that correspond LTD “Melnsilkasts” (Camping Melnsils), terms and regulations or third-party web resource conditions.

You have the right to request a report about what personal information we have by requesting a so-called extract from the register. This can be done for free once a year. You also have the right to request that incorect information about you are prevented, your personal information is removed

Your consent to the processing of personal data is revoked at any time and prohibited to use your personal information in direct marketing purposes

You have the right to submit possible complaints about processing of your personal data to national supervisory authority.

Disclosure of data

The data may be disclosed to law enforcement authorities for the request of a competent public official.

Data Protection Officer

If you have any questions regarding LTD “Melnsilkasts” (Camping Melnsils) personal Data processing, and you want to contact us in connection with with your personal Data, or you want to make any request, please contact us by writing to:info@melnsils.lv