Sea house

It’s your holiday! Think about nothing but relaxation. Sea house provides everything for maximum comfort in nature. Spacious terrace, to enjoy the sea view with a warm cup of tea in hands and a balcony on which you can fall asleep while watching the stars. Holiday in sea house is suitable for all seasons. Even a cold and snowy winter will be perfect to enjoy the proximity of the sea.

Host Rooms
In Māris and Andis Host Rooms, guests don't have to worry about a thing. Its cosy and warm atmosphere is combined with all the comforts you need to relax and recharge your batteries close to the nature. The room has a comfortable bed, large windows and a private balcony to enjoy the sea views with a warm cup of tea in hand. Heating and heated floors make these rooms suitable for use in any season of the year. Even in the cold and snowy winter months you can enjoy the comfort of being close to the sea.
Holiday house

Holidays are for adventures and being together. Celebration or relaxation – Holiday house is excellent for companies up to 20 people. On a regular basis holiday house is suitable for 6 persons, but it is possible to increase its capacity.

Sauna house

Sauna house is perfectly suited, to supplement calm rest in nature with relaxation in the sauna together with friends or family. On the first floor of the bath house there is a living room, kitchen, toilet, shower and sauna, a spacious terrace with a roof. On the second floor there is one room with two double beds.

Love boudoir

Spend the long-awaited holidays here in an intimate atmosphere, enjoying nature, walking along the sea and enjoying being together. As the name of this accommodation may presume, it is designed for a romantic and peaceful vacation. The cottage has a large double bed (blankets, pillows, bed linen and towels), a toilet and shower, a refrigerator and a teapot. Next to the house there is a small terrace with a table and chairs.


“GAZ 66” is a unique cottage by the sea, created in an authentic GAZ 66 truck. Staying here will make you feel like a real world traveller. “GAZ 66” is the right choice if you love comfort and convenience, but also want to experience something truly exclusive and unique.


Ship Uzsihtiba is a unique house next to the sea. It is a fishing boat that has been transformed in a living space. Holidays in ship Uzsihtiba will let you feel like a real sailor! If you enjoy comfort and exclusivity – this is a perfect place to stay at!

Guest house rooms
If you prefer city-like comfort guest house rooms will be particularly suitable to enjoy maximum relaxation close to nature. All 5 guest house rooms are located on the second floor of the guest house and are equipped with a double bed, toilet, shower, kitchen area and a roof window with view to the sea and “Melnsils” territory.

Guest house: