Where history and nature meet

Melnsils is a historical place. Nation of the sea have experienced both World Wars, dune along the seashore still hold some historical evidence – trenches stretch for many meters. There are identified places, in which Germans had built bunkers and they have now been restored. Now everyone, who want to enjoy the enchanting rest of the historic aura, can settle in one of the restored dugouts.

Oskars, Zenta, Ship… romance under the stars


You can acquire a unique experience by having an overnight stay in one of the unusual houses in Melnsils which have been given special names – Oskars, Zenta, Ship Vilhelm… But all the houses have one thing in common – you will hear the sough of the sea and the forest.

Name Persons* Price
Bunker Nr. 13 1-6 90 (per night)
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Small Bunker 1-4 70 (per night)
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