Trommels castle mound
Ancient stories tell that in the 14th century on the very shore of the sea in Melnsils, lived the only real Latvian pirate Trommels. He owned the Trommel castle, which was located on a high dune on the left bank of the Baķupīte river. While the ships near Melnsils were waiting for the right wind to get around the nearby located cape Kolka, Trommel robbed the ships and stored the stolen treasures in the castle cellars. The place and walls of the castle were still visible at the end of the 19th and the 20th century when the locals used stones and bricks from the castle to build their own houses. Tromels castle is no longer visible today, but a medieval fortification site that is an archaeological monument of national significance and pits dug by hidden treasure hunters in the dune can still be seen today. The castle is located in Roja parish, 400 m northeast of Melnsila village shop, 100 m from Krauju house.
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