Slītere national park
Enjoy silence, piece and wonderful views! Slītere national park is a fascinating natures formation, which formed from the Baltic ice lakebed several thousand years ago. The area of Slītere National Park is 16,360 ha and so far, no such nature complex in the modern world has surpassed it in terms of space. Slītere national park offers adventures in almost untouched nature and a huge geological and biological diversity - forests, bogs, dunes and hollows, rare plant species and protected animal and bird species. There are 4 nature trails, viewing platforms and bicycle routes that lead through the entire Slītere National Park. One of the most popular Latvian tourist attraction cape Kolka is a part of this beautiful park and more than 50,000 travellers visit cape Kolka a year, but during the spring migration of birds 10,000 birds pass over it every hour. There is an evidence of ancient Lībieši fishing villages and their culture in Slītere national park. Slītere national park really is a place of peace, silence and nature. Here you can hear not only the voice of nature, but also how the heart beats!
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